I had difficulties breathing when I was born. My heart is a bit slow. My brain sometimes short-circuits my nervous system, and today I turn fifty.

Happy birthday.

A lovely woman said: “If you go. I go” - and so we did.

1.522 days and 691 WODs later only the physical changes show, but the mental changes are much more profound and leave me happier.

CrossFit silences my mind. Makes me calm. Peaceful. CrossFit also makes my body tired, so I sleep better at night. It’s a bonus. ·

Life sometimes hurts. It comes to us all. But one word frees us of all the weight and pain of life and that word is love. So remember to cherish the good times - and get stronger.



Thanks to anyone I had the pleasure of sharing a bucket of chalk with and to all the wonderful coaches @crossfitcopenhagen.dk