We are opening up for a last chance to qualify for the Danish CrossFit Open 2011.

We have not received as many videos as we had hoped for. The short notice for the online qualifier and the 1 week to finish it have been difficult for many due to other competitions, injuries, lack of equipment etc.

We are therefore giving everyone the opportunity to qualify and get one of the last spots for DCO 2011. Anyone can submit a video and none of the results will be published. This time there will only be one WOD.

The WOD will be:

3 rounds for time of:
15 Hang power clean 60/40 Kg
15 Burpees with lateral jump over the bar

Standards will be:

Hang power clean: There is no restriction on how deep the hang position needs to be. On top you have to have the bar racked on the shoulders with fully extended knees and hips.

Burpees with lateral jump over bar: You have to touch the ground with chest, stomach and hip. You have to jump over the bar. Both feet have to be in the air at the same time. You do not need to clap overhead like a normal burpee.

The video have to be submitted latest on the 22nd of december.

All videos must be in real time. This means that you cannot edit the movies. A timer or a watch will have to be in the beginning and in the end of the video. All videos must be sent to us via []. Movies on YouTube, Facebook etc. will not be accepted. Along with the video you must send a mail with full name and the time for the WOD.
If you do not have a video camera it is possible to get the WOD filmed at CrossFit Copenhagen. Please email us for this.

Our email is and you are welcome to write us if you have any questions.