Name: Hayley Knowles
Age: 22
Gym: CrossFit Clitheroe
How long have you been CrossFitting: 2 years
Deadlift: 150kg
Press: 45kg
Back Squat: 100kg
Full squat Clean: 60kg
Favorite WOD: I really enjoy Cindy... probably until I am half way through, then I may change my mind!!
Least favorite WOD: I am not too keen on Angie, the high reps try to kill me!!
Other CrossFit: Crossfit for me is all about the community, like minded individuals who want to achieve goals they never thought they could and the encouragement you get is phenomenal.
Goal for the DCO: I want to surprise myself, hopefully hit some PR's and basically not die!!


Name: Hrund Scheving
Age: 33
Gym: Crossfitt OBBC Odense
How long have you been CrossFitting: 1 ½ year
Deadlift: 110
Press: 47,5
Back Squat: 85
Full squat Clean: 65
Favorite WOD: Helen
Least favorite WOD:  I don´t have a least favorite WOD ... I like them all.
Goal for the DCO:  This is a stupid question ...  I am from Iceland :-)